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“You are not hacking the system. You are not a laboratory for the future. Your trivia is not superior to the trivia of others. Your canned arguments are no fresher than any other. You cannot lash your small self to some larger thing and thus enlarge yourself. Especially not when the larger thing you’ve lashed yourself to is “geekdom.” Enough, enough, enough.” — Nick Mamatas - Let us put an end to Geek Pride

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The VICE Guide to London 2014 | VICE United Kingdom

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“Best of r/Polandball” — Best of r/Polandball - Imgur

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“Opening the case of the 486 every other day to switch IRQ jumpers. Spending *hours* deep in the dark heart of EMM just to get another 6kb so that X-Wing would bloody run (run damn you!) Realizing that candles dripping down the back of the PC case was, after all, *not* conducive to efficient thermal exhaust. Charlie Brooker, Rhianna Pratchett, Jon ‘Log’ Blyth and the whole gang that made PCZone the best PC gaming mag (and by definition the best gaming mag full stop) everything it was.” — DOStant Memories | Rock, Paper, Shotgun