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Jul 25

“It’s also not exactly a conventional novel. Its full title is an unwieldy mouthful: Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fifth Edition. The author (or authors) writes under the ungainly nom de plume of The American Psychiatric Association – although a list of enjoyably silly pseudonyms is provided inside (including Maritza Rubio-Stipec, Dan Blazer, and the superbly alliterative Susan Swedo). The thing itself is on the cumbersome side. Over two inches thick and with a thousand pages, it’s unlikely to find its way to many beaches. Not that this should deter anyone; within is a brilliantly realized satire, at turns luridly absurd, chillingly perceptive, and profoundly disturbing.” — Book of Lamentations – The New Inquiry


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Jul 06

“You are not hacking the system. You are not a laboratory for the future. Your trivia is not superior to the trivia of others. Your canned arguments are no fresher than any other. You cannot lash your small self to some larger thing and thus enlarge yourself. Especially not when the larger thing you’ve lashed yourself to is “geekdom.” Enough, enough, enough.” — Nick Mamatas - Let us put an end to Geek Pride

Jul 04

The VICE Guide to London 2014 | VICE United Kingdom

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“Best of r/Polandball” — Best of r/Polandball - Imgur